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“You know Chu Yue” Elder Wen Xi was interested.

Chu Yue had been in Ling Xiao Academy for quite a few months, and his identity and background had always been a mystery.

At the moment, everyone only knew he had an extraordinary relationship with Rong Xiu and that they were most likely brothers.

However, they didnt get confirmation, and it was still a guess in the end.

It was rare to have someone who knew Chu Yue.

“Were good friends!” Mu Hongyu pressed her lips against each other and smiled as her almond-like eyes shone.

“I see.

What a coincidence—I was also stationed here when he had his entry assessment previously,” said Elder Wen Xi with a smile as he stroked his beard.

“Really” Mu Hongyus eyes lit up. Its no wonder the other party had such a well-acquainted tone when he mentionedChu Yue. It turns out they had such a relationship! 

“Come, give it a try! If you can successfully pass the assessment, you can go into the academy and meet him.” Elder Wen Xis initial impression of Mu Hongyu wasnt bad.

Now that he heard that she was good friends with Chu Yue, he naturally felt closer to her.

“Mm!” Mu Hongyu nodded and placed her hand on the black jade for assessment.

She held her breath in to focus.

Her expression was serious as she carefully moved her force and inserted it in!

A string of words gradually appeared!

“Seventeen years old, beginner stage-nine warrior!”

Elder Wen Xi widened his eyes slightly in shock and stared at that line of words for quite some time.

It was only until that line of words gradually disappeared that he blinked and looked at Mu Hongyu with unconcealable praise.

“Y-youre just 17, and youre already a stage-nine warrior!”

He knew that this lady shouldnt be too old, but he did not expect her to be 17 only. Oh right, Chu Yue should also be 17 now.

With such talents, she is definitely considered outstanding in the entire Ling Xiao Academy! Could it be that all of Chu Yues friends are so strong 

Mu Hongyu retracted her hand and looked at Elder Wen Xi expectantly and curiously.

“Then… Elder, does this count as a pass”

“Haha! Of course!” Elder Wen Xi was dazed for a moment and couldnt help but laugh out loud. If this isnt considered a pass, many students in Ling Xiao Academy can be directly chased out! 

As Elder Wen Xi laughed, he secretly thought that his luck was pretty decent. There were Chu Yue and the rest initially, and now, a Mu Hongyu has come along.

They are all 

rare talents! This is especially so since many matters in the academy have been blown up recently, causing there to be very few cultivators coming for the admissions assessment in the recent half-month.

Now that one has finally come, she is also very outstanding!

This caused Elder Wen Xis originally depressed emotions—courtesy of the recent events—to become much better.

He immediately produced his black jade plaque.

A thought popped up in his mind, and a faint light quickly flashed across.

Then, he passed it to Mu Hongyu.


In the future, this is your pass to come in and out of the academy, and its also a symbol of your identity here.”

Its so simple and swift Mu Hongyu was also very surprised.

She took the black jade plaque with both hands and flipped it around to take a closer look.

She cherished it more than ever.

She knew that she could enter Ling Xiao Academy, but she didnt expect it to be so quick!

Touching the black jade plaque that was slightly cold, she still felt that it was a dream. So Im directly enrolled into the top academy in the God Residence Realm 

In actual fact, as she was close to Chu Liuyue, Mu Hongyu had always instinctively compared herself to Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue was known as a maniac.

After being with such a maniac for so long, Mu Hongyu had become one herself, not to mention that her physique—which only appeared once in a thousand years—couldnt be compared with an average person.

Hence, even though she was already excellent, she never had such a clear and obvious recognition of herself.

This caused her to have a pretty big misunderstanding of her own standards.

“Thank you, elder!” Mu Hongyu preciously touched the black jade plaque for a while before she put it away carefully.

Elder Wen Xi laughed and said, “Wait here first.

Ill go back with you later on.”

It was rare for such a student to come, and she even had great potential and talent.

Of course, he had to bring her into the academy personally.

Mu Hongyu nodded obediently.

She walked two steps to the side, and just as she was about to sit at the position specified by Elder Wen Xi, she suddenly asked curiously, “Oh right, Elder, how has Chu Yue been doing in the academy recently”

Elder Wen Xis smile froze.

He clenched his fists, brought one to his lips, and coughed.

“F-fine… Youll know about it after going to the academy.”

Seeing his reaction, Mu Hongyu was puzzled. It seems like shes not doing very well… 

“Could it be that Chu Yue… got into trouble again” asked Mu Hongyu tentatively. According to my understanding of Chu Liuyue, this should be the most plausible reason. 

The corner of Elder Wen Xis lips twitched. Again… It seems like that kid had this personality beforehand! 

Actually, Mu Hongyus question isnt wrong, but… It is even bigger trouble than expected! Elder Wen Xi sighed in conflict.

“Quite a few things have happened in the academy recently.

You shouldve heard about them more or less, right”

“Chu Yue has some relation to these matters, but… His current situation is rather complicated and cant be explained in a word or two.

You should ask him yourself when you go to the academy and see him.”

Mu Hongyu was confused, but she could faintly feel that the situation was rather abnormal.

Her originally excited feelings became calmer.

She acknowledged it and sensibly did not ask further.

Fengmin Mountain in Ling Xiao Academy.

When Elder Bo Yan reached here, the commotion at Fengmin Mountain had already calmed down.

Fengmin Mountain had returned to normal, and it looked no different from before.

However, his brows were still tightly knitted.

“Elder Meng.” Elder Bo Yan cupped his fists and politely bowed toward the pagoda.

Even if he currently controlled the entire academy, he still had to be respectful when he came here.

Elder Mengs seniority was much higher than his.

After a moment, a low and deep voice came.

“Bo Yan, why did you come here today”

Elder Bo Yan asked hesitantly, “Previously, I seem to have detected some strange movements here in Fengmin Mountain.

What happened”

It was fine if it were somewhere else, but this was Fengmin Mountain! With Elder Meng stationed here, such a commotion could still happen, which really shocked him.

He even directly abandoned all the matters he hadnt handled and came straight over.

Elder Mengs voice sounded rather calm.

“Its just some small matter.

Ive already handled it; you dont have to worry.”

Elder Bo Yan then heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats good…”

“Theres nothing much here.

You can deal with your own matters,” said Elder Meng lightly.

Elder Bo Yan nodded.

Just as he was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly thought of something and turned back.

His gaze flickered hesitantly, and he purposely lowered his voice after some time to ask, “Elder Meng, the item that the girl left behind… Is everything okay with it”

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