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Chapter 511: Defense

Shes determined to mess with me Chu Liuyue knitted her brows undetectably as she glanced at Yang Qiner. Her young and pretty face is filled with sincerity and slight fear as if shes genuinely worried about me.

However, we dont know each other, so where did her worry and sincerity come from

Chu Liuyues lips curved up, and she smiled in an even more sincere and polite manner.

“Thank you for your goodwill, but I really cant go with you.

I appreciate your intentions.”

Disappointment rapidly flashed across Yang Qiners face.

But since Chu Liuyue was so persistent, Yang Qiner knew that she couldnt convince her.

Thus, she could only force a smile and say, “Alright then.

I wish you all the best, Ms.


The skinny man coldly glanced at Chu Liuyue, and his face was filled with intense displeasure.

“You dont know whats good for you!”

He didnt lower his voice, and everyone present heard him clearly.

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly and didnt think much of it as she turned around to leave.

“Hey, you—” The skinny man immediately felt that he was being ignored as he raised his hand toward Chu Liuyue and was about to continue scolding her.

However, Yang Qiner stopped him.

“Senior Brother, since its inconvenient for her, lets not force her,” said Yang Qiner gently as she pressed the skinny mans hand down.

Seeing that Chu Liuyue had already walked far away without feeling burdened, the man with a mustache finally couldnt help but grunt.

“She really thinks that shes incredible after winning a competition.

Now, she doesnt care about anyone else.”

We are from the Purple Xiao Sword Sect, and its always other people wanting to suck up to us.

When have we ever been rejected, not to mention twice! It even happened in front of Yang Qiner.

How humiliating.

Yang Qiner smiled and hid her disappointment.

“Senior Brother, lets go.

Didnt you say that that sword is most likely the legendary Long Yuan Sword”

Upon hearing this, the two mens attention was indeed averted as their faces were filled with unconcealable excitement.

“Thats right! To be able to stay in the Tianling God Realm and have such powers… Theres only the legendary Long Yuan Sword!” said the skinny man.

“Senior Uncle has long said that there would be all sorts of fateful treasures here, but I didnt expect… This is the sword the ancestor used back then!” The mustached man looked up at the gigantic black sword between heaven and earth, and his eyes were filled with envy and admiration.

“Our Purple Xiao Sword Sect specializes in sword techniques, and we have all sorts of good swords, especially Master… He has the Qing Zhong Sword—which is formidable—but compared to this Long Yuan Sword, its still lacking in many ways…”

Actually, it wasnt just lacking in many ways.

They couldnt even be compared!

A legendary item like the Long Yuan Sword was a unique treasure in the world.

Being able to see it personally made their trip worthwhile.

Yang Qiners eyes glowed.

“I heard some rumors about this Long Yuan Sword, but theres something I dont understand… The ancestor has already passed on, and this Long Yuan Sword no longer has an owner.

But even after so many years, why did nobody… Why did nobody from Tianlings royal family retrieve it Isnt it a waste to leave it here like this”

When she finished her sentence, the two men laughed out loud.

“Qiner, you only know one thing and not the other.

This Long Yuan Sword is a legendary weapon, and it already has a sword soul.

Even if the ancestor isnt around, it cant randomly recognize someone as its master!”

Yang Qiner paused.

“I see…”

“This Long Yuan Sword is very heavy, and rumors have it that 1,000 soldiers couldnt lift it when they acted together after the ancestor purposely threw it to them.

One has to know that the soldiers who could follow the ancestor werent ordinary people! This just shows how incredible the Long Yuan Sword is!” said the skinny man as he smiled and shook his head with a sigh.

Yang Qiner looked at the Long Yuan Sword and muttered, “…I wonder who can keep this Long Yuan Sword…”

“Haha! The people from Tianlings royal family have the ancestors bloodline, but they couldnt succeed in the past thousand years, let alone others.

Qiner, we shouldnt think about it anymore.

The treasure-gathering compass states that there are treasures surrounding the Long Yuan Sword.

Lets hurry up and get there!”

Yang Qiner smiled slightly and nodded.


Chu Liuyue walked forward alone.

Even though she was quite far away from Yang Qiner and the rest, it was obvious that they were heading toward the Long Yuan Sword.

However, she didnt know if they were going for the legendary fiends skeleton.

“Can you detect what legendary fiend that skeleton belongs to now” asked Chu Liuyue in her heart.

“Not yet.

The Long Yuan Sword has completely suppressed it, and it didnt leave any gap at all.” The legendary three-eyed eagles voice became much more solemn.

“However… I detect a Heavenly Dao aura.”

Chu Liuyue was shocked.

“Heavenly Dao! Could it be the Heavenly Dao the ancestor summoned back then”

“Not completely.

This Heavenly Daos aura is very weak; there should be a portion of it dispersed elsewhere.”

Chu Liuyue nodded. This is the same as what the secret scroll said.

This is kind of strange.

The Heavenly Dao is untouchable to ordinary people, but I already have two in my body.

One came from the Ultimate Jingshen, while the other came from the agreement with the legendary three-eyed eagle.

However, these powers didnt cause much commotion in her body.

They didnt even seem to exist.

On the other side, Yang Qiner and the rest had just reached a place.


A sword aura suddenly erupted.

“Ill do it!” yelled the skinny man, and the longsword in his hand flew out.

He was planning to take on the black sword aura head-on!


The two sword auras directly clashed with each other and produced a crisp sword sound.

The black swords aura suddenly stopped.

A delighted smile was seen on the skinny mans face, but the smile stiffened the next moment.

This was because the strength within the black sword aura had far exceeded his expectations.

Buzz… buzz!

When the black sword aura hit the tip of his sword, his sword started shaking uncontrollably in his hands.

Very quickly, even his arm started shaking.


The part between his thumb and index finger suddenly broke open, and blood flowed out.

It was just the Long Yuan Swords sword aura, but it had such frightening and harsh sword intent!

The overwhelmingly sharp aura was like an invisible net that completely wrapped around the skinny man.


His sword actually cracked.

“Quickly, evacuate!” He was stunned as he hollered and immediately went backward.

Yang Qiner hurriedly left.

The mustached man held his sword and rushed forward.

A wide sword directly slashed the sword aura, but the next moment, his wide sword was directly repelled.

He even staggered a few steps back and spat out blood.

Not even in the blink of an eye, the two men were injured.

The sword in the skinny mans hands directly broke.


The few people barely managed to avoid the black sword aura as it eventually nailed itself to the ground.

The dry ground erupted, and a big pit was formed by the horrifying force.

The three of them were scarred, and their faces were filled with horror. One sword aura… is actually so frightening!

“Quickly, look! Chu Liuyue actually stopped that sword aura!” Yang Qiner looked up and suddenly gasped.

The two men looked over, and they indeed saw the black sword aura suddenly disappear not far in front of Chu Liuyue.

Silver light slowly flowed before her body.

“T-thats a crystal barrier! How is that possible!”

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