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The excitement and bloodlust on Guo Juns face thickened as he watched Huang Xiaolong staggering back miserably.

His attacks became faster, violent, and cruel.

The Guo Familys disciples were urging Guo Jun to crush Huang Xiaolong and making clamoring noises to cheer him on.

Guo Jun was fired up to blast Huang Xiaolong to his death, starting with shattering his three legs into pieces! Thinking of this gave him great satisfaction, as he recalled the sight when he was sent flying by Huang Xiaolongs thirteen punches, and hatred brimmed violently in his heart.

Guo Juns consecutive punches sent Huang Xiaolong staggering to the edge of the stage.

He laughed happily at Huang Xiaolongs miserable state and said, “Huang Xiaolong, is that the limit of your strength and ability Beaten up by me, without any power to even resist”

“Hes a turtle, therefore, he can only get beaten!” Guo Familys disciple ridiculed Huang Xiaolong loudly from the viewing platform.

“Thats right, he is a ** of a Vientiane Worlds number one genius.

It looks more like a turtle genius!” Another Guo Familys disciple joined in, laughing madly.

The disciples of Guo Family, Golden Phoenix Pavilion, Black Region Worlds Fortune Gate, and Blood Imperial Sect all erupted in laughter.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Guo Jun without any expression as he said, “Until now, I was merely warming up a little and playing along with you.

Frankly, youve really disappointed me.

Is that the highest level of your so-called eight-tailed Silver Whale true body!”

Merely playing along with you to warm up!

Youve really disappointed me, as your Eight-tailed Silver Whale true body has limited level of strength...!

Huang Xiaolongs voice reverberated in the air.

People in the crowd dazed for a moment, but then started laughing mockingly.

It started with the Guo Familys disciples, guffawing as if they had just heard the funniest joke.

Some Guo Familys disciples laughed so hard that they were bent over from their waists.

The Golden Phoenix Pavilion, Black Region Worlds Fortune Gate, and Blood Imperial Sects disciples laughter ensued.

“This punk is really damn funny! He has the nerve to say he simply was playing along with Big brother Guo Jun to warm up”

“Its too funny! No, I cant stand this anymore, my stomachs cramping from laughing!” Several Guo Familys disciples exclaimed exaggeratedly.

Various sects Ancestors, Patriarchs, and Grand Elders all shook their heads.

Even though he is already at the roads end, Huang Xiaolong is still pretending to be tough.

Does he think doing so would maintain a shred of his dignity

Both Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor watched intently without uttering a single word.

Feng Yingying was looking at Huang Xiaolong from the Sea Gods throne, and the color of disappointment deepened in her eyes.

Anyone could see that Huang Xiaolong was going to lose, it was only a matter of time.

A man who didnt have the courage to admit defeat was not worthy of another look from her.

While everyone was immersed in taunting and laughing at Huang Xiaolong, suddenly, a majestic dragon might, that had been in slumber for too long flooded out from Huang Xiaolongs body.

In the blink of an eye, the earth quaked and the sky darkened!

Huang Xiaolongs head tilted back and he roared.

The terrifying sound waves of a dragons roar swept out in the four directions, rumbling across the entire Sea Gods City.

Huang Xiaolongs robe exploded into fragments, and crepuscular rays of golden light shone out from his body, drowning the worlds color.

Even the radiance of Guo Juns silver light became dimmed by it.

In the next moment, the crowd saw Huang Xiaolongs transformation into a thousand feet long primordial blue dragon!

The moment the primordial blue dragon appeared, the violent airflow became even more chaotic.

Terrifying dragon might pressed down on everyone\'s body in the air like a primordial city.

Various sects\' disciples stared at the blue primordial dragon in disbelief and amazement.

This, this…! 

Primordial blue dragon! In the Divine World, no, between heaven and earth, there was a primordialblue dragon!

Huang Xiaolong was actually from the Primordial Divine Dragon Clan!

Feng Yingying\'s eyes widened in amazement.

Her bosom rose and fell, as if it wanted to break free from the clasp of the divine armor.

The sea tribe\'s Ancestors, Patriarchs, Grand Elders, and Elders were all dumbstruck with disbelief.

The Golden Phoenix Pavilion\'s Head, Black Region World\'s Fortune Gates Chief Liu Mengyuan, and others, including Golden Brow Ancestor, Blood Knife Ancestor, Zhu Yi, Zhu Feng, and Wang Wei were equally dumbfounded.

A scary silence enveloped the square.

All eyes were on the primordial blue dragon that was enshrouded in golden rays of lights, with blue dragon scales glistened within them.

Guo Jun was forgotten by the world.

The shock striking Guo Juns heart was no lesser than the others, at Huang Xiaolongs primordial blue dragon transformation.

He could feel the terrifying dragon might coming from Huang Xiaolong.

The momentum was many times stronger than before, and it gave Guo Jun a strong sense of danger.

His face turned ugly in an instant.

Huang Xiaolong\'s primordial blue dragon transformation gazed coldly at Guo Jun.

Huang Xiaolong could have changed into his Asura Physique, and in combination with the Yellow Springs Magic Robe, he could have easily defeated Guo Jun.

However, he couldnt expose the existence of the Yellow Springs Magic Robe.

Therefore, he could only opt for his primordial blue dragons body.

This meant that he had no other choice but to expose his primordial blue dragons body, since he didn\'t have the luxury to ponder and strategiZe.

Dealing with Guo Jun at that moment was more important.

Then, Huang Xiaolong moved.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared above Guo Jun\'s head.

Dragon claw the size of a hill slammed down on Guo Jun.

Before the dragon claw descended on Guo Jun, he felt tremendous pressure, as if two giant chaos mountains were falling on him.

It felt like this pressure could easily squash his eight-tailed Silver Whale true body into pieces, at any moment.

Guo Jun bellowed in panic, like the rumbling whistle of a Silver Whale from the depths of the sea.

The sea waves around the Sea God City rose high in the air.

The silver bone spikes on Guo Jun\'s arms and legs grew longer, sharper, and thicker.

Silver lights glistened; from afar, Guo Jun was the epitome of a deadly Silver Whale.


His feet stomped on the stage, propelling him upward.

A sphere of light wrapped around his fists as he met Huang Xiaolongs dragon claw head on.

The silver bone spikes from his knuckles were aimed at the center of the dragon claw.


A blast thundered in the air.

There was a burst of silver light along with exploding golden rays, as Guo Juns fist and Huang Xiaolongs dragon claw collided to form an eye of a storm.

Air blasted and revolved into violent tempest.

The crowd saw Guo Jun\'s figure freeze momentarily, before crashing towards the stage like a meteorite. 

Huang Xiaolong\'s dragon claw chased after Guo Jun, and slammed Guo Jun deeper into the stage.

The stage shook violently as cracks appeared on its surface.

Guo Jun\'s figure disappeared from view, as Huang Xiaolongs dragon claw completely rammed him into the stage.

However, the crowd could see silver blood spurting out from a pit in the stage.

Guo Jun!


Guo Familys Ancestor Guo Da, and Guo Familys Patriarch Guo Shi both leaped towards the battle stage at the same time.

Their palms struck the stage, and an overwhelming power swept out to simultaneously rescue Guo Jun and attack Huang Xiaolong.

Both of them were high-level Ancestor God Realm masters, one could imagine the frightening intensity of their powers.

Even if a tiny strand were to brush past Huang Xiaolong, it was enough to kill him.

As their terrifying power was about to hit Huang Xiaolong, all of a sudden, a cold harrumph sounded.

A figure appeared on the broken stage, and punched out with his fists.

Two golden suns exploded forward, blinding everyones sight.

However, the Ancestors and Patriarchs could vaguely see Guo Familys Ancestor Guo Da, and Patriarch Guo Shi getting hit by the two golden suns.

Their bodies shot backwards for several hundred li.

Golden lights vanished, and calmness returned to the world.

The crowd looked in astonishment at Guo Da and Guo Shis figures that were several hundred li away.

Then, their attention shifted to Golden Brow Ancestor who had repelled them.

A thought crossed everyones mind.

Other sea tribes Ancestors and Patriarchs jumped up from their seats, all of their momentum locked onto Golden Brow Ancestor.


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