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While Huang Xiaolong was refining the Sea God Tower, the little cow was not waiting idly on the side.

She opened her mouth and spit out a purple lightning cloud that hovered above the Sea God Tower, and streaks of purple lightning zig-zagged inside it.

Huang Xiaolong soon discovered that the refining process became considerably easier with the help of the little cows purple lightning.

In addition to Huang Xiaolong, Xiang Xun, and the assisting sea tribes Ancestors and Patriarchs also noticed this difference.

With the help of the little cows lightning force, it was less arduous for them to suppress the Sea Gods spirits inside the Sea God Tower.

Even so, five days passed, Huang Xiaolong still wasnt able to refine the Sea God Tower.

Refining the Sea God Tower was harder than Huang Xiaolong had estimated.

If it werent for Xiang Xun, the sea tribes Ancestors and Patriarchs, and the little cows assistance, as well as the Grandmist Puppetry Technique, it would have been impossible for Huang Xiaolong to refine the Sea God Tower.

Not just Huang Xiaolong, but probably a high-level God King Realm master would have found it equally difficult to refine the Sea God Tower.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not give up.

He continued circulated his godforce according to the Grandmist Puppetry Technique again and again, one cycle after another, patiently grinding away the Sea Gods spirits defenses inside the Sea God Tower.

The Sea God Towers defensive barrier was akin to a thick viscous membrane and thinned gradually on the seventh day.

Eight days later...

Huang Xiaolongs grandmist godforce successfully penetrated into the Sea God Tower, and slowly encroached towards the center of the Sea God Tower.

On the ninth day, Huang Xiaolongs grandmist godforce finally entered the heart of the Sea God Towers core formation and began integrating with it.

On the tenth day...

Suddenly, the Sea God Tower started emitting dazzling rings of blue light.

Seeing this, the little cow, Xiang Xun, and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

Huang Xiaolong had finally succeeded! Xiang Xun and the rest swiftly retrieved their godforce from the Sea God Tower.

The little cow also retrieved her purple lightning cloud.

At this time, the thousand zhang tall Sea God Towers dazzling light swayed and flickered as the tower shrunk at the speed of light, and finally fell onto Huang Xiaolongs palm.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes shone with ecstasy.

Now that he had refined the Sea God Tower, it would be less troublesome to refine the Sea Gods spirits in the future.

This Sea God Tower was a little similar to his Pill Blending Tower; the Sea God Tower was ocean blue in color whereas the Pill Blending Tower was glimmering golden.


A bright light flashed from the Sea God Tower as a thousand zhang wide ancient Giant Shark Flying Ship appeared in the air.

The ship cast a dark shadow over the square when it appeared in the sky.

This was the top grade chaos spiritual flying ship from inside the Sea God Tower—the Giant Shark Flying Ship!

At the front of the flying ship was a several hundred meters tall fin, the ancient chaos divine beast Giant Shark\'s fin, and it was so sharp that it could pierce through the average God King Realm master\'s body.

Huang Xiaolong decided to stay in the Sea God City to refine the Giant Shark Flying Ship instead of returning to the Fortune Gate.

This Giant Shark Flying Ship was much easier to refine without the resistance from the Sea God\'s spirits.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong already could control it in half a day.

However, he needed to refine it further to gain complete control over it.

The detailed conditions of the Giant Shark Flying Ship appeared clearly in Huang Xiaolong\'s mind after he refined it.

Fortunately, even though there was some damage to the Giant Shark Flying Ship, it wasnt very severe.

At the very least, the Giant Shark Flying Ships core was not damaged in any way.

Then again, though the damages were not severe, the Giant Shark Flying Ships speed was affected.

Had the flying ship been damage-free, it could have reached the Royal Buddha Great Worlds in seven to eight years, but now, it needed at least thirteen to fourteen years! Twice as much!

If that was the case, a roundtrip to the Royal Buddha Great Worlds would take him twenty-seven or twenty-eight years… He wont make it to the Fortune Gate headquarters to register for the assessment.

The Giant Shark Flying Ship must be repaired.

Huang Xiaolong explained the condition of the Giant Shark Flying Ship to the little cow, and asked her if there was a way to repair it.

The little cow pondered and said in a serious tone, “Lets make a pit stop at the High Martial World surface!”

“High Martial World surface” Huang Xiaolong asked doubtfully.

The little cow nodded.

“The High Martial World surface is one of the Divine Worlds famous world surfaces renowned for their forging.

You can get almost any chaos grade forging materials there, so the materials needed to repair this Giant Shark Flying Ship could be bought there.

However, the High Martial World is in the opposite direction of the Royal Buddha Great World.”

Huang Xiaolong frowned.

“How long would it take to get to the High Martial World”

“Based on this Giant Shark Flying Ships current speed, it should take a year.” The little cow estimated.

Huang Xiaolong was relieved to hear that.

One year was still acceptable.

Hence, it was decided that they would first head to the High Martial World to purchase materials needed to repair the Giant Shark Flying Ship.

After that, they would head to the Royal Buddha Great Worlds.

Tiny ribbons of lightning glimmered on Huang Xiaolongs forehead as he sent the Sea God Tower, and Giant Shark Flying Ship into the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool.

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong remembered something... Since his Golden Dragon Lightning Pool could improve the quality of spirit stones, then, the Golden Dragon Lightning Pools lightning qi could temper the Giant Shark Flying Ship into a grandmist grade spiritual artifact.

Huang Xiaolong inquired about such a possibility to the little cow, but she was caught off guard by his question.

A second later, she shook her head.


probably not.

Although the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool has many wonderful benefits, it still cant make a chaos spiritual artifact evolve into a grandmist spiritual artifact.

Maybe, if you find the other eight great lightning pools, and merge them together…!”

Huang Xiaolong was speechless.

No matter how heaven-defying his luck was, it was not like he could pick up eight chaos lightning pools like they were in his backyard.

After Huang Xiaolong collected the Sea God Tower and Giant Shark Flying Ship into the Golden Dragon Lightning Pools space, he turned around and called the Feng Familys Patriarch, “Feng Jingxi.”

“Yes, Master!” Feng Familys Patriarch Feng Jingxi hurriedly acknowledged.

“Take me to the Feng Familys treasury!” Huang Xiaolong ordered.

Now that the sea tribe belonged to him, he needed to take alittle tour around the sea tribes twelve prominent families treasuries.

Starting from the Feng Familys treasury, Huang Xiaolong went to the Guo Familys treasury, the Ma Familys treasuries, and so on...

By the time Huang Xiaolong finished his tour of the sea tribes twelve prominent families treasuries, there were piles of chaos spiritual pills, and rivers of chaos spiritual herbs in a corner of the Golden Dragon Lightning Pools space.

Even Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t estimate the ginormous number of chaos spiritual pills that he would require to advance to the high-level Ancestor God Realm, therefore, he took every last chaos spiritual pill and chaos spiritual herb from the twelve families treasuries.

He left the other treasures untouched apart from these chaos spiritual pills and chaos spiritual herbs.

Raising his cultivation was of utmost importance for Huang Xiaolong, while other things were completely irrelevant.

He rushed back to the Fortune Divine Kingdom with the others, when he took care of all these important things.

“En, Li Lus awake!” On the way back, Huang Xiaolong received a message from his Master Golden Brow Ancestor.

Huang Xiaolongs speed accelerated after learning that Li Lu had regained consciousness.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong was back in the Fortune Divine Kingdom, and he headed straight to Li Lus Brimming Snow Palace.

He saw a slender figure standing in front of the Brimming Snow Palaces main entrance from a distance.

He could see the familiar white dress, the same temperament which was cold as snow, but gorgeous and pure.


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