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Heavenly Prince Di Jings livid growl was heart-rendering, and it was filled with deep unwillingness, dissatisfaction, self-pity hatred, and bewilderment!

“Why!” Heavenly Prince Di Jing shouted repeatedly.

He had the Heavenly Dao Godhead and Heavens Dao Physique.

He was destined to be the ultimate ruler of the universe.

If he were to get a chance to grow, he would remain undefeated and be the strongest person in the entire universe.

But Huang Xiaolong had jumped out of nowhere! He was talented and possessed greater heaven-defying luck than Di Jing!

Di Jing had always been proud of his talent until Huang Xiaolong had exposed his three king of supreme godheads and three archdevil bloodlines!

All along his cultivation path, he had always been lucky and had come across numerous fortuitous adventures.

Any time he had gone out for training, he would encounter a fortuitous adventure others could only dream of.

However, he had recently realized that Huang Xiaolongs luck surpassed him by many levels!

First, it was the sixteen wings Huang Xiaolong had shown during the Battle of the Heavenly Court! And now, it was the Lord of Hells inheritance!

Watching the Heavenly Prince Di Jing yelling and shouting and losing his reason with soaring killing intent, Yan Tianchen wisely lowered his head as he quivered inside.

In truth, even Yan Tianchen had begun sympathizing with the Heavenly Prince Di Jing.

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun was stoically silent as he watched his son, but his expression clearly showed his sullen mood.

A long time later, Heavenly Prince Di Jing finally calmed down after venting out his frustration, hatred, and killing intent.

He was like the calm lake surface that rippled slightly when caressed by the soft breeze.

“Imperial Father, what should we do now Are we still sending troops to the Fiend God Emperor Palace” Heavenly Prince Di Jing took several deep breaths before speaking calmly.

According to their previous plan, they were supposed to send the heavenly army to the Fiend God Emperor Palace to reap the harvest of a fisherman.

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun sighed to the sky and said, “Forget it, Huang Xiaolong has already taken away the treasures inside the Fiend God Emperor Palaces treasury.

If we send troops to the Fiend God Emperor Palace, we will just waste time and effort without getting any benefits at all.

On top of that, we might draw Feng Chus hatred.”

This kind of looting a burning house was most loathed.

If the Fiend God Emperor Palaces treasury was still there, it might even be worth it, but there was nothing left of the Fiend God Emperor Palace except for ruins.

“Then, can we send reinforcements to the Brightness Emperor Palace, Solitude Emperor Palace, Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace, and the Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace” Heavenly Prince Di Jing asked solemnly.

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun nodded in agreement, “That works.

Just use the excuse that Brightness Emperor Palace, Solitude Emperor Palace, and the others colluded with the Fiend God Emperor Palace and Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe.

Send troops to all five Emperor Palaces, use this opportunity to pull the Brightness Emperor Palace by the root, and collect the other five Emperor Palaces treasuries!”

Without further delay, Heavenly Emperor Di Jun issued a chain of edicts to Yan Tianchen.

Yan Tianchen complied, then retreated, and made the necessary preparations for the army to move out to the Brightness Emperor Palace.

After Yan Tianchen departed, the Heavenly Emperor Di Juns eyebrows were locked in a frown.

A gloomy light reflected in his eyes as he muttered, “Huang Xiaolong is actually the Lord of Hell.

Im afraid it will be difficult to kill Huang Xiaolong with the ancient Thunder Maggots, and it wont take long for him to notice their existence inside his body.

He would know that we did something to the Chaos Lightning Pool.”

“What can he do even if he guesses that we tampered with the Chaos Lightning Pool He was the one who wanted to take away the Chaos Lightning Pool by force.

The King of Grandmist also cant say anything.” Heavenly Prince Di Jing argued.

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun raised his head in melancholy and sighed, “Heaven laughs while a man makes plans.”

“The ancient Thunder Maggots cant kill him.

Then again, even if Huang Xiaolong has the heart of hell, he still wont be able to expel the ancient Thunder Maggots out of his body unless he breaks through to the Emperor Realm!” Di Jing sneered maliciously as he went on, “Not to mention, it wont be easy for him to break through to the Emperor Realm with the ancient Thunder Maggots inside his body!”

The ancient Thunder Maggots would wreak havoc inside Huang Xiaolongs body from time to time, affecting his cultivation.

Under normal circumstances, Huang Xiaolong could have broken through to Emperor Realm in two thousand years, but now it could take him more than ten thousand years due to the ancient Thunder Maggots!

“So, what if he has the heart of hell!” Di Jings face was slightly distorted, with a mix of negative emotions.

“Hell, and we have always stood on opposite sides.

Hence, eradicating Huang Xiaolong needs no justification!”

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun shook his head, “If Huang Xiaolong didnt have the King of Grandmist and Grandmist Emperor Palace as his backing, it wouldnt have been a problem eliminating Huang Xiaolong.

However, everything changes with them as his backing.

Therefore, we must be absolutely certain before taking any action.

Now, the most important thing is to find the Heavenly Dao Stone for you to break through to Emperor Realm as soon as possible!”

Heavenly Prince Di Jing nodded, “I know, Imperial Father.

Dont worry.

I will strive to break through to the Emperor Realm as soon as possible.

Then, I will eliminate Huang Xiaolong before he breaks through to the Emperor Realm.

I must kill him with my own hands!” As he was saying this, the murderous aura around Heavenly Prince Di Jing soared to the sky.

The real power of Heavenly Prince Di Jings Heavenly Dao Godhead and Heavens Dao Physique could only be truly displayed after breaking through to the Emperor Realm.

At that time, the power of his Heavenly Dao Godhead and Heavens Dao Physique would shock the universe.

And killing Huang Xiaolong would be as easy as a turn of his palm.


While the rest of the Divine World was shocked that Huang Xiaolong had destroyed the Fiend God Emperor Palace and was the Lord of Hell, Huang Xiaolong was cultivating inside the black dragon flying ship.

The return journey from the Fiend God Emperor Palace to Fortune Emperor Palace was going to take Huang Xiaolong and his group about two to three months.

Huang Xiaolong wanted to use this time to refine Feng Chans archdevil bloodline, merging it into his own three archdevils bloodlines.

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged inside the cultivation room and circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

Purple light enshrouded Huang Xiaolong entirely, and the three shadows of his archdevil bloodlines emerged behind him.

The four chaos lightning pools lightning crackled nonstop on the surface of his forehead.

While Huang Xiaolong continued to refine Feng Chans archdevil bloodline, he suddenly discovered slight abnormalities within his body, and he was surprised.

This is…

An enigmatic blue eye opened on the center of Huang Xiaolongs forehead and shot out a blue light that enveloped his entire body.

As the blue light enveloped his body, Huang Xiaolong could see the situation in every corner of his body.

This vertical blue eye was the Blue Spectre Springs Blue Spectre Eye that could distinguish phantoms—between real and unreal.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong discovered minuscule worms hiding in his blood, emitting feeble lightning.

“Ancient Thunder Maggots!” Huang Xiaolongs face was extremely solemn.

When When did these ancient Thunder Maggots enter his body He hadnt even realized it!

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong thought of a possibility.


Killing intent burst out of Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

There was only one possibility that these ancient Thunder Maggots were already inside the Heavenly Courts Chaos Lightning Pool, and they had entered his body when he was refining them.

And it was not a mere coincidence that they were inside the Heavenly Courts Chaos Lightning Pool.

A moment later, Huang Xiaolong sneered.

Di Jun had schemed well, but he had made a mistake.

Di Jun didnt know that his Grandmist Parasitic Medium had reached the fourth stage; more accurately, Di Jun didnt know how terrifying the Grandmist Parasitic Medium was.

These ancient Thunder Maggots could harm others, but it was a small matter for Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong quickly continued circulating the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

The grandmist qi in his body condensed into a swarm of tiny worms that began devouring the ancient Thunder Maggots hidden in his blood.

In less than half a day, the hidden ancient Thunder Maggots within his body were completely devoured.

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