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Looking at the disciples from the Reverence Moon Divine Citys disciplinary hall surrounding him, an indifferent expression hung on Huang Xiaolongs face.

A path slowly formed as a group of people riding Brightness Divine Tigers made their way to the front to face Huang Xiaolong and Ao Ping.

All of them were Emperor Realm experts, and their leader was a late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm middle-aged man.

“Reverence Moon Divine City Lord.” A frown slowly formed on Ao Pings face.

The middle-aged man was precisely the city lord of the Reverence Moon Divine City, Gu Ting.

“Gu Ting, what do you think youre doing” Ao Pings expression sank.

Even though the other party was the city lord of the Reverence Moon Divine City, he was the prince of the Dragon World.

There was no need for him to be afraid of the other party.

Gu Ting slowly opened his mouth.

“Ao Ping, this has nothing to do with you.

You can take your leave now.” However, he raised his hand to point towards Huang Xiaolong as he started cursing.

“Huang Xiaolong, you have ignored the rules of the Reverence Moon Divine City! How dare you kill the experts of the Reverence Moon Divine City in front of my eyes! According to the rules, I shall take you down to await your punishment!”

A snort escaped from Huang Xiaolongs lips, and he eventually broke out into a chuckle.

“Take me down to await punishment! Based on what Are you relying on all the people you have brought along with you Wait a minute.

You probably dont have the guts to detain me.

This is probably an idea from the four deputy deans, right”

With Gu Tings identity, even if Huang Xiaolong personally gave him the order, the idea of messing with the King of Hell wouldnt cross Gu Tings mind.

There was no way he didnt receive the orders from the four deputy deans.

Gu Ting laughed sinisterly.

“Thats right.

It was precisely the decision of Bai Hui, Bin Ge, and the other deputy deans.

Dun Hao is the Radiance Prince of the Radiance World.

Now that you killed him in our Reverence Moon Divine City, do you really think that you will be able to get away Not to mention that you killed tens of pontiffs under my Reverence Moon Divine City…! Every single crime I pin on your head is enough for you to die several times over!”

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but roar with laughter when he heard what Gu Ting said.

It was as though he had heard the greatest joke in his life.

“Huang Xiaolong, dont think that as the King of Hell, we will be afraid of you!” Gu Ting snorted.

“I dont care who you are! In my Reverence Moon Divine City, none of your identities will be able to save you! Even if you are the King of Hell, your status means nothing before the Reverence Moon Academy!”

“I know that you have one hundred Undead Netherguards, several ice dragons, and fourteen-winged angels.

Regardless, even if your senior brother, Jiang Hong, comes, he wont be able to escape! In our Reverence Moon Divine City, there are more than a thousand restrictions set down by both the Radiance Ancestor and Dean Reverence Moon of the Reverence Moon Academy!”

Ao Ping turned and raged at Gu Ting, “Gu Ting, according to the rules of the Reverence Moon Academy, life and death in the arena cannot be blamed on the winner! You cant blame Huang Xiaolong for killing Dun Hao! When Dun Haos subordinates turned around and moved against Huang Xiaolong, why didnt you enforce the rules of your Reverence Moon Divine City”

“When they surrounded Huang Xiaolong and planned to kill him, why didnt you show up and blame them Why didnt you stand up and yell at them for breaking the rules!”

Ao Pings chest rose and fell dramatically.

“Also, Xiaolong obtained the inheritance of the Radiance Ancestor.

He is the current leader of the Radiance Divine World.

How dare a mere city lord like you mess about before him!”

Gu Ting sneered, “How can you prove that he obtained the Radiance Ancestors complete inheritance The only thing I know is that whoever possesses the Radiance Divine Seal will be the Radiance Worlds leader! Moreover, even if the Radiance Worlds leader comes, he wont be able to order the Reverence Moon Divine City around! Our Reverence Moon Academy ranks above the myriad of worlds.

Who would dare to make a move on my Reverence Moon Academy! Nonsense!”

Gu Ting puffed his chest out and declared in an overbearing voice.

Despite all his bullsh*t, there was something he got right.

Even the leader of the Radiance World wouldnt be able to control the Reverence Moon Academy.

The Reverence Moon Academy gathered all the geniuses under the heavens.

Even though the institution was located in the Radiance Divine World, it could be said that it wasnt under the direct control of the Radiance Worlds leader.

Even if Dun Ei were to arrive, he would have to lower his head around the four deputy deans.

He wouldnt dare to act out of line.

After all, the hidden strength and the might of the Reverence Moon Academy was laid out for all to see.

Gu Ting turned to Huang Xiaolong and continued, “Huang Xiaolong, you better surrender yourself.

There is no point in resisting.”

Of course, Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t be bothered with Gu Ting.

He stared into the horizon and said, “Since you are already here, there is no point in hiding.

Are the four deputy deans of the Reverence Moon Academy shady presences Or are you cowards”

The void shook, and four figures appeared.

It was precisely the four deputy deans.

Their expressions changed, and a look of anger flashed across their face.

This was the first time anyone had dared to call them cowards!

“Huang Xiaolong, you have violated the rules of the Reverence Moon Academy! You killed Dun Hao, and the four of us have decided to kick you out of our institution! You are no longer a student here!” Bin Ge snorted, “I dont wish to repeat what Gu Ting said to you previously.

Surrender yourself right now.”

Huang Xiaolong stared at Bin Ge with a look of amusement on his face.

“Previously, your teeth were knocked out by the Reverence Moon Old Man in the Boundary Ancestral Mountain.

I never imagined that you would continue to look for trouble.

Could it be that you guys think that the Reverence Moon Old Man wouldnt know about how I accepted the complete inheritance of the Radiance Ancestor Are you really planning on going all the way until you get all the teeth beaten out of you”

When they heard how Huang Xiaolong spoke about the event in the Boundary Ancestral Mountain, they felt the rage rising in their heart.

“Huang Xiaolong, stop using the dean to scare us!” Bai Luo screamed, “Do you really think that the dean is your personal bodyguard! Right now, you killed the Son of Light! You broke the rules of our institution, and even the dean himself wouldnt be able to fault us if we kill you!”

Before he could finish his threats, a wooden cane appeared from the depths of the Reverence Moon Academy.

It seemed to pierce across space itself as it appeared above the heads of the deputy deans.

When they saw the wooden cane, the expression on their faces changed.

The four of them couldnt open their mouths to explain their way out of the situation before they were sent flying with a flick of the staff.

Under the shocked gazes of everyone present, the four of them were sent smashing into the ground.

Their teeth scattered around the ground.

There was a stark contrast between their knocked-out pearly white teeth and the stains of red blood on them.

Gu Ting and the others stared at the scene before them with their mouths agape!

That wooden cane…

When the four deputy deans climbed to their feet, they stared into space before them with pale faces.

“Old… Old Dean!” They fell to their knees again, and none of them dared to stand.

Their bodies trembled as they tried to explain themselves, “We…”

“What! You got a problem!” The Reverence Moon Old Mans voice broke through space and resounded in the air above them.

Even though he didnt yell, there was something majestic about his voice.

When they heard him, they cowered closer to the ground.

“This disciple doesnt dare!” Bai Hui, Bin Ge, and the others hastily lowered their heads.

“If this happens again, Ill break all your limbs! Xiaolong has already obtained the Radiance Ancestors complete inheritance, and he is the lord of the Radiance World! From now on, his intentions are my intentions.

The four of you better listen to his orders! Am I clear!” The Reverence Moon Old Mans voice reverberated through the air.

The blood drained from the four deputy deans faces, and they stared at Huang Xiaolong with a pale expression.

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