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Chapter 2151: Mocking the Mighty God Heavenly Country

Four thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones!

Astonished gazes fell on Huang Xiaolongs body.

More accurately, the gazes were focused on the four thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones.

Even the Mighty God Prince was frightened, seeing so many high-grade chaos spirit stones.

The amount of four thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones was a big sum to him.

There was a difference of heaven and earth between four thousand mid-grade chaos spirit stones and four thousand mid-grade chaos spirit stones.

In the Heavens Path, low-grade chaos spirit stones were the common currency used in trading transactions, and mid-grade chaos spirit stones were a precious commodity in itself.

Rarely there would be someone willing to spend their high-grade chaos spirit stones.Therefore, in the Heavens Path, even ten thousand mid-grade chaos spirit stones couldnt be exchanged for one piece of high-grade chaos spirit stone.

Some time back, the Heavenly Saint Ruler had tried to negotiate with Huang Xiaolong for the chaos Black Sea Lightning Pool and chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool.

In exchange, he had merely offered ten thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones to Huang Xiaolong.

This wasnt because the Heavenly Saint Ruler was stingy, but high-grade chaos spirit stones were too precious.

Now, Huang Xiaolong offered four thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones to buy two Moon Elephant Spirit Fruits.

This was an unprecedented exorbitant price!

This sum was not just more than enough to buy the two Moon Elephant Spirit Fruits, but it could buy Huang Xiaolong twenty-thousand Moon Elephant Spirit Fruits, and still, there would be some balance left.

“Young friend, this…!” Looking at the four thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones in front of him, Xumi Old Man was swayed and shocked at the same time.

“Senior Xumi, dont tell me that youre afraid of taking these four thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones” Huang Xiaolong teased half-jokingly.

Xumi Old Man blanked for a moment, then chuckled warmly, “Looks like Im overthinking things.

Alright, since you dare to give it to me, why wouldnt I dare to accept” With that said, he collected the four thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong received the two Moon Elephant Spirit Fruits.

In truth, Huang Xiaolong had his own purpose in buying the two Moon Elephant Spirit Fruits.

In short, the number of origin pills available was simply too little.

Thus he had decided to purchase some origin treasures to refine origin pills himself.

There were many origin treasures available in the Heaven Valley.

Not to mention he had the Pill Blending Tower, and he wanted to test if the Pill Blending Tower could refine origin pills.

“Senior Xumi, it is a good fortune that we met here by chance.

Why dont you come with me to the Heavenly Saint Countrys branch and rest for a while” Huang Xiaolong cordially invited Xumi Old Man with a smile.

“Sure!” Xumi Old Man did not refuse, crisply accepting Huang Xiaolongs invitation.

However, just as Huang Xiaolong and Xumi Old Man turned to leave, the Mighty God Princes arm reached out, hindering their paths.

His icy gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

“Brat, do you think that I wouldnt dare to kill you because you have the Heavenly Saint Country backing you”

Huang Xiaolong nonchalantly spared the Mighty God Prince a glance and said, “I dont think youre capable of killing me.”

“Furthermore, I dont think the Mighty God Heavenly Country has that ability.” Huang Xiaolong was merely stating a fact.

The Mighty God Heavenly Country was one of the top heavenly countries in the Heavens Path.

Even though they were strong enough to rank within the top ten, the Mighty God Heavenly Country was far behind the Heavenly Saint Country.

When Huang Xiaolongs cultivation was still at the peak mid-Sixth Order Sovereign, he could already suppress the Heavenly Saint Ruler.

Dealing with the Mighty God Heavenly Country would take him less effort than that.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong had disregarded him and the Mighty God Heavenly Country to this degree, the Mighty God Prince laughed due to extreme rage.

The Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts also glared furiously at Huang Xiaolong.

“Brat, dont overestimate yourself.

You are ignorant of the heavens immensity! His Highness doesnt even need to act to kill you.

We are enough to pinch you to death!” An early Fifth Order Sovereign Realm expert from the Mighty God Heavenly Country berated Huang Xiaolong.

“What are you His Highness taking action Its an insult to His Highness to kill someone unknown like you!” Another Mighty God Heavenly Countrys expert chimed in.

His eyes were wide with a burning anger as he stared down at Huang Xiaolong.

The spectating heavenly countries disciples were inwardly shaking their heads.

The majority of them had concluded that Huang Xiaolong was too preposterous and brazen.

Not only did Hung Xiaolong openly insult the Mighty God Prince, but he even publicly showed his contempt for the Mighty God Heavenly Country!

As one of the top ten experts in the Heavens Path, the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys rulers reputation and overall Mighty God Heavenly Countrys strength had been rising steadily in recent years, and there were signs of them catching up to the Heavenly Saint Country.

As he heard their clamors, Huang Xiaolong scanned the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts indifferently, “Whether I am overestimating myself or not, youll know when the time comes.” He said this because he would be going to the Mighty God Heavenly Country soon.

“Senior Xumi, lets go.” Huang Xiaolong turned and said to Xumi Old Man.

Xumi Old Man nodded his head.

This time around, the Mighty God Prince did not stop Huang Xiaolong and Xumi Old Man from leaving.

But he stared murderously at Huang Xiaolongs leaving figure, without hiding his malice towards Huang Xiaolong.

“People of the Mighty God Heavenly Country listen up.

The moment that brat steps out from the Heaven Valley, report to me immediately!” The Mighty God Princes curt voice rang loud in everyones ears.

His voice was infused with the godforce of a Sovereign, and it reverberated to every corner of the marketplaces second floor, and every disciple of Mighty God Heavenly Country heard his order.

Then again, his words were not only intended for the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts, but also aimed at Huang Xiaolong.

He wanted to let Huang Xiaolong and everyone in the Heavens Path know the consequences of offending him, and the Mighty God Heavenly Country!

Originally, based on Huang Xiaolongs connection with the Heavenly Saint Country, the Mighty God Prince was still scrupulous to attack Huang Xiaolong.

However, Huang Xiaolong had openly disrespected the Mighty God Heavenly Country in public.

Hence no matter who Huang Xiaolong was, he needed to kill him!

Huang Xiaolong merely smiled hearing the Mighty God Princes words as he walked away.

“Young friend Huang, you need not offend the Mighty God Prince to help me.” Xumi Old Man said to Huang Xiaolong.

“The Mighty God Prince is quite strong.

Although his cultivation realm is at the mid-Fifth Order Sovereign Realm, the average mid-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm expert is not his opponent.

Moreover, the experts in the Mighty God Heavenly Country are as numerous as the clouds!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Rest assured, Senior Xumi.

Itll be fine.” He understood that Xumi Old Man was worried about him.

“ My apologies about Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen.” Huang Xiaolong hesitated but brought up the matter about Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen on his own.

Even though Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen had died at Wan Shis hands, the crux of the whole thing was also related to him.

“Shi Zhen” Xumi Old Man dazed momentarily, then asked, “Youve seen Shi Zhen”

Huang Xiaolong was surprised.

Could it be that Xumi Old Man doesnt know what happened to Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhen

Noticing the slight change in Huang Xiaolongs expression, Xumi Old Man explained, “All these years, I have been staying in the Heavens Paths depths, almost disconnected from the world outside.”

News from outside rarely spread into the Heavens Path.

Even if there were some news that made it to the Heavens Path, only the higher echelons like the Heavenly Saint Ruler and Mighty God Heavenly Countrys ruler were capable of learning about it.

Therefore, Xumi Old Man didnt know what had happened to Shi Zhen.

Of course, Xumi Old Man was also in the dark about the havoc Huang Xiaolong had stirred up, or he wouldnt be worrying about Huang Xiaolong right now.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong recounted the details of Buddhist Ancestor Shi Zhens death atWan Shis hands to Xumi Old Man.

Xumi Old Man sighed after a moment of silence, “This is fate! Amitabha!”

Soon, Huang Xiaolongs group reached store number ten that was selling the Chaos Heavenly Dragon Soul Pill.

Due to the preciousness of Chaos Heavenly Dragon Soul Pills, many who had heard the news had rushed over to the store.

When Huang Xiaolongs group reached the stores entrance, many experts had already gathered, including experts from the Heavenly Terror Country.

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