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Chapter 2241: Could It Be

A new Holy Prince Song Shaokang and Song Fu were dazed in shock for a long time before the most important term hit them.

“Holy Prince!” The two exclaimed in the same breath.

Song Fu added anxiously, “Kanger, quick, we should also hurry over!”

Song Shaokang nodded quickly and dashed to the main hall where the tests were being conducted.

But, halfway to the main hall, Song Shaokang stopped abruptly, and his face was drained of blood as beads of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

“What is it now” Song Fu asked strangely, seeing that his son had stopped abruptly with a pale face.

Song Shaokangs voice slightly trembled as he asked, “Father, do you think..., could it be…!”

Song Fu was even more perplexed by his sons behavior, and he couldnt figure out what his son was trying to say.

However, a thought flashed across his mind like lightning, and he understood what his son was trying to say.

He stuttered, Y-you, are you saying it\'s Huang Xiaolong! That-that Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong!

Song Fu felt his four limbs going cold, and his heart threatened to stop beating.

Song Shaokang stood like wood with an empty mind.

For a moment, he even could not remember his own name.

Others were in the dark, but the father and son knew very well that Xiao Feng had gone to preside over Huang Xiaolongs test after leaving Huang Xiaolong outside for an entire night!

The day before through the previous night, both of them were comfortably drinking tea and discussing dao with Xiao Feng, fully enjoying themselves.

Last night, Song Fu had even contemplated if Huang Xiaolong were to come to him on his knees after the test, if he should be magnanimous and spare Huang Xiaolongs life He could just break Huang Xiaolongs legs as a small punishment!

“Its probably, probably not Huang Xiaolong, right” A long time later, Song Fu managed to squeeze out.

Even at this point, he still harbored a thread of hope.

Song Shaokangs throat felt dry, and his voice came out slightly hoarse, “...Perhaps its really not that Huang Xiaolong.

Maybe someone else came in the morning for testing!”

Although there werent many disciples that came to register at the Holy Gate Division, there would be someone every day.

At times, there would even be two to three disciples in a day.

Thus, the person being tested right now was not necessarily Huang Xiaolong!

Harboring this hope, Song Shaokang and Song Fu were a little less reluctant to head to the main hall.

Whereas, the Holy Gate headquarters disciple Sun Huage as well as the Division Master Liu Cheng were the firsts to make it to the testing main hall, but when they arrived, neither of them dared to rush inside and interrupt the process.

Both waited anxiously outside the doors, looking respectful yet excited.

Both were staring fixedly at the doors with serious faces, yet holding their breaths.

They were afraid of making the slightest noise that would disturb the disciple taking the test inside the hall.

Generally speaking, it usually took half a day for the three aspects of a person, the saint physique, saint bloodline, and complete dao saint godhead to be entirely tested.

Not long after Sun Huage and Liu Cheng reached the main hall, the divisions high custodian, and several other custodians also arrived one after another.

These custodians were about to salute when they spotted Sun Huage and Liu Cheng, but Sun Huage and Liu Cheng had already turned and shook their heads vigorously at them.

Placing a finger in front of their lips, both made a sharp shushing noise: “Sshhhh!”

Sshhh! This was telling the custodians to be quiet in the most direct manner.

The divisions high custodian and other custodians were frightened by Sun Huage and Liu Chengs fierceness.

All of them quickly shut their mouths and lightened their footsteps as they approached Sun Huage and Liu Cheng.

They stood respectfully behind Sun Huage and Liu Cheng.

Before long, the divisions head captain, and guard captains arrived in droves.

Sun Huage and Liu Cheng both waved their hands in unison, signaling the senior guard captain, and guard captains to withdraw.

The head captain, and captain guards swiftly withdrew as directed, and didnt dare to take one step into the yard.

A while later, the head captain informed Liu Cheng through voice transmission, “Division Master, the Nine Heavens Gates Gate Chief Du Youze is here, and hes waiting right outside.

Should we let him in”

Liu Cheng replied via voice transmission as well, “Have him wait outside.

If the Big Dipper Sword Sects Chief and Incineration Valley Master are here, no need to inform me.

Have them all wait outside at a distance of a hundred meters from the entrance.

How noble is the Holy Prince Is it someone they could meet as they like!” His tone was inviolable.

Detecting the displeasure in Liu Chengs tone, the head captains legs weakened as he hastened to answer yes.

He then hurried out to tell the Nine Heavens Gates Gate Chief and the rest to wait a hundred meters away from the entrance.

No one was allowed to approach within a hundred meters.

After hearing that Liu Cheng had banned them from entering the yard, needing them to stay a hundred meters away from the yard entrance, the Nine Heavens Gates Gate Chief didnt dare to complain a word nor feel any dissatisfaction.

Though he, Du Youze, was the Nine Heavens Gates Gate Chief, and was a Sixth Order Venerable Realm expert, standing at the pinnacle of power in the Falling Jade Dynasty, he was nothing at all in front of Holy Gate.

In the Forceful Heavenly Bull Continent, there were countless dynasties, Venerable Realm gate chiefs and what not, who dreamed of paying their respects to a Holy Prince, but they never had the chance.

“I wonder who could this new Holy Prince be” Du Youze thought to himself as he paced around the area one hundred meters from the courtyard.

On the way over here, he had used all the resources available to the Nine Heavens Gate to inquire this divisions guards and guard captains about the Holy Princes identity.

But all these guards and guard captains clammed their mouths tightly shut in fear when they realized that these questions pertained to the new Holy Prince—not a syllable could be pried out from them.

The Holy Gate had their own set of rules.

Matters related to the Holy Prince were not what these low-level guards and guard captains dared to speak about.

If they dare to say something, there was no need the Holy Prince to order, but the Division Master would blast them to death.

Soon, the Big Dipper Sword Sect Chief, Incineration Valley Master, and experts from the Falling Jade Dynasty also arrived.

When Song Fu and Song Shaokang arrived, the dense crowd of experts waiting outside gave them a fright.

Upon obtaining Liu Chengs permission, Song Shaokang was allowed to enter the courtyard as a disciple of the Holy Gate.

However, Song Fu had to wait outside like Du Youze and the others.

Though there were many experts, both inside and outside the courtyard, the surroundings were extremely quiet.

All focus was on the main assessment hall, and none of them dared to make any noise.

At this time, inside the main hall, Huang Xiaolong was still standing enjoyably inside the large ancient array, bathed within the holy light from the ancient array, and being baptized at the same time.

Contrary to Huang Xiaolongs comfortable expression as he was enshrouded by the holy light, the fear in Xiao Fengs chest grew greater with every passing second, and he looked paler as time passed.

He felt like crying.

He wanted to shout in grief at the top of his lungs, and knocked his head against the wall.

Never mind that he had tried to flatter Shang Shaokang last evening, it was unforgivable that he had offended Huang Xiaolong in order to grab hold of Song Shaokang.

His mother, it was already startling that this Huang Xiaolong has a saint physique, saint bloodline, and complete dao Saint godhead—a true blue Holy Prince!

Song Shaokang, you dog!

You sh*t-stirring b*stard!

His resentment towards Song Shaokang boiled over the more he thought about it.

If strangling Song Shaokang to death could receive Huang Xiaolongs pardon, he was guaranteed to strangle Song Shaokang to death in that instant!

He would strangle every single person from Beast Emperor Sect!

Why the hell did he go tea-drinking Wasnt he looking to jump into a pit himself

In order to drink tea with Song Shaokang, he had purposely left Huang Xiaolong to dry overnight!

He actually had made a Holy Gates Holy Prince wait for him an entire night!

Xiao Fengs knees nearly buckled remembering this.

While Xiao Feng was drowning in waves of resentment, hatred, shock, fear, and apprehension, half a day passed.

The large ancient arrays holy light gradually dispersed and the wordHoly scattered away.

Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes.

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