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Chapter 357:  The Ancient Dragon Clan Ruins, Found!

Sensing the black and blue dragon martial spirits’ reaction inside his body, Huang Xiaolong’s heart leaped with joy!

The Ancient Dragon Clan ruins were nearby!

Zhao Shu noticed Huang Xiaolong’s reaction and inquired, “Young Lord, you’re…”

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “The Ancient Dragon Clan ruins should be somewhere in the vicinity!”

In the vicinity! When Duan Ren and the others heard that, their actions lagged momentarily before being taken over by delight.

They knew that unless Huang Xiaolong was sure, he wouldn’t have spoken it out loud.

“Let’s go!” Huang Xiaolong swiftly leaped to the air, flying in the direction sensed by the twin dragon martial spirits’ perception.

Zhao Shu, Duan Ren, and the other two Saint realm experts hurried to follow Huang Xiaolong.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong’s group arrived at a ravine.

Standing at the top of the ravine, looking down, one could see a sea of thick fog.

From beneath the fog, here and there, strange looking plants could be seen growing up the ravine wall.

“Young Noble Huang, the Ancient Dragon Clan ruins are at the bottom of this ravine” Duan Ren peeked below, asking out of curiosity.

This ravine didn’t look very tall, at most two to three hundred meters deep, the surroundings were serene and quiet.

“It’s very likely that the ruins are below.” Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Without another word, he leaped off the edge, letting his body fall to the ravine bottom.

Zhao Shu and the others followed, leaping off the ravine.

The ravine indeed wasn’t tall.

About three hundred meters down, their feet touched the ground.

The ravine bottom was a vibrant green grassland, a small river about ten zhang long weaved through the green grassland, flowing down to another part of the ravine.

The water was clean and clear and the shallow riverbed was visible.

The river was surrounded by clusters of small wildflowers, plants, and trees, everything entered their eyes with a single glance.

Doubt surfaced in everyone’s eyes. ‘The Ancient Dragon Clan ruins are here’ Each person extended their spiritual sense to the surrounding, detecting nothing relevant to the Ancient Dragon Clan ruins.

While the others were baffled looking around, Huang Xiaolong walked to the small riverside.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s actions, Duan Ren also came to the small riverside.

In fact, they used their spiritual sense to check the river earlier was well and did not find anything out of the ordinary.

The river was shallow and the clear waters revealed everything below at a simple glance, fish and small shrimps swimming inside and water plants flowing with the current.

In an abrupt action, Huang Xiaolong’s palm struck the water surface, a tall dazzling beam of light shone from the water surface.

At the same time, a majestic dragon might soared, as if it descended from the ancient times, enveloping everyone present.

Shock was an understatement.

When the bright light disappeared, everyone saw a black hole the size of two adults materializing above the small river.

The sudden appearance of the black hole once again took everyone by surprise, but while everyone was immersed in their shock, the black hole slowly grew smaller.

“We’re going in!” Huang Xiaolong barked, waking everyone, at the same time, he was the first one to jump into the black hole’s space.

Zhao Shu and Feng Yang followed a step behind without hesitation.

Duan Ren and the two other Saint realm experts exchanged a look before jumping in as well.

Moments after all six of them jumped into the black hole, it grew smaller and then vanished.

The surroundings returned to their previous tranquility.

However, not long after Huang Xiaolong’s group disappeared into the black hole, a group of people appeared on top of the ravine.

If Zhao Shu was here, he would definitely be shocked, because this group of people was none other than Asura’s Gate Domain Chief Chen Tianqi and a group of subordinates.

Clad in an ink-black brocade robe, Chen Tianqi,  who had faint black patterns at the tail-end on his eye, spoke, “You said that the dragon might came from below the ravine”

One of the men behind Chen Tianqi, Domain Leader Gu Wen, stepped up saying, “That’s right, Sovereign.

This subordinate was in the vicinity at that time, thus felt it clearly, that dragon might indeed come from below the ravine!”

Chen Tianqi nodded, “I hope it’s not a mistake this time.”

It had been half a year since they entered this Origin Forest, it could be said they had searched every inch of soil, there were a few times when they thought they found the Ancient Dragon Clan ruins, only to discover that it was not real in the end.

“We’re going down.” Chen Tianqi said, diving off the ravine edge.

The group of Asura Domain Leaders followed suit at once.

Chen Tianqi’s group landed at the ravine bottom, unable to hide the disappointment from their faces after looking around.

Judging from appearances, it seemed that this place couldn’t be the entrance to Ancient Dragon Clan ruins either.

When all the Domain Leaders looked disappointed,  Chen Tianqi was staring at the space above the small river, sensitive to the weak ripples of spatial distortions that were different from the surroundings.

Obviously, a Saint realm expert had just manipulated space around here.

Chen Tianqi focused his spiritual sense around the area of the space ripples.

As an afterthought, he suddenly released a punch to the same spot above the small river.

Just like it happened to Huang Xiaolong before, a bright dazzling light shone up thousands of zhang above the water surface as a majestic momentum of dragon might pierced the sky, then, the same black hole appeared in front of Chen Tianqi’s group.

Watching a black hole appear above the small river, the other Domain Leaders were stunned, and then delighted.

Could this be…! But, in the next moment, the black hole started to shrink.

“Everyone quick, enter!” Chen Tianqi shouted, taking the lead by jumping into the black hole.

The rest awoke from their daze, quickly leaping into the black hole one by one.

In two breaths’ time, the black hole vanished.

Not long after Chen Tianqi disappeared, several groups of people rushed over from a few different directions.

Clearly, they were attracted by the dragon might aura released from the black hole earlier.

When these people arrived, each of them jumped down, landing in the ravine bottom.

Like Chen Tianqi did earlier, they noticed the peculiar space ripples above the small river, thus more and more people entered through the black hole.

All in all, more than ten groups from different forces made it in.

And within these groups, Li Molin and the Deities Templar experts were amongst them.

As for Huang Xiaolong’s group, after jumping into the black hole space, their bodies spun around uncontrollably for a time before falling onto a flat surface plain.

Around the flat plain was an endless stretch of mountains.

The first thing that attracted Huang Xiaolong’s attention was the trees in the mountains, they were extremely big, towering trees.

At the edge of the plain was a large city, resembling a colossal dragon resting on the plain, emanating an overwhelming dragon might that filled the entire space.

“Dragon City!” Zhao Shu blurted out.

Duan Ren and others were baffled, “Dragon City”

It was rumored that in the ancient times, the Dragon Clan built a Dragon City and clan members lived in this Dragon City.

The Dragon City’s fame was parallel to the Ghost City that appeared not too long ago.

In fact, it was even more famous than the Ghost King’s Ghost City.

In the ancient times, the human race had six great ancient kings, with the Saint King standing at the top, but that merely represented the human race.

The leader of the Dragon Clan in ancient times, the Dragon Emperor, was mighty and powerful, even the Saint King dared not challenge his prestige.

“Go!” Huang Xiaolong flew forward, heading towards the Dragon City at the edge of the plain at breakneck speed.

Zhao Shu and the rest followed closely behind.

It didn’t take long for Huang Xiaolong to reach the Dragon City’s gates.

Ancient cities such as the Dragon City and Ghost City were protected with layers upon layers of arrays and bans, one could only enter safely through the main city gates.

However, just as Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, Duan Ren, and the rest were about to pass through the city gates, the Dragon City gates shone brightly, revealing a giant bone dragon in front of their path, blocking their way.

A horrifying death aura enveloped the group.

Looking at this hundred zhang long ancient bone dragon, everyone’s expressions tightened.

After a Dragon warrior’s death, some Dragon Clan experts would use secret art to refine them into an undead bone dragon to guard some important places of the Dragon Clan.

And this undead dragon in front of them was exuding a terrifying atmosphere, an undead bone dragon that had reached peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm.

How horrifying a peak late-Tenth Order Sain realm undead bone dragon could be, Zhao Shu knew very well.


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