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Chapter 466: Protect the Liege Lord Beast God

Andrew’s palm heavily struck Huang Xiaolong’s chest, rising shock in everyone’s hearts; it ends so fast One move kill But then the crowd quickly realized that something wasn’t right, for Andrew’s palm actually penetrated the human’s chest.

It was nothing more than an afterimage!

When Andrew’s palm shot through Huang Xiaolong’s chest, the afterimage scattered.

Surprise was evident in Andrew’s eyes as he retrieved his hand.

However, Huang Xiaolong appeared again on the same spot as if he hadn’t moved an inch.

This scene shocked the crowd, while Li Molin’s eyes narrowed in a dignified manner.

In her eyes, it wasn’t because that human did not move but his speed was too quick, so fast that it looked like he did not move on the surface.

From the moment he vanished and reappeared, there wasn’t a single fluctuation in space, showing that his mastery over space had reached a terrifying level.

Andrew’s face warped grimly.

As the number one expert standing above all beastmen, how would he reign over all beastmen tribes if he failed to kill a mere Seventh Order Saint realm little human brat

Andrew let out an angry roar, a yellow energy rolled out like raging waves from his body, the color growing more intense and vivid with every second, becoming a dark yellow.

At the same time, Andrew’s physical body changed.

Muscles and flesh rippled under his skin, bulging under his robe, a head of golden hair, with his face and mouth protruding out as lion whiskers shot out from the sides of his lips.

The aura of a lion king overcast the heaven.

Beast transformation!

After the beast transformation, Andrew’s momentum more than doubled, causing the furrows on Li Molin’s brows deepen even more.

The transformed Andrew gave her a sense of foreboding danger.

The rest of Deities Templar experts also lost the relaxed expressions on their faces.

“Die—!” Andrew bellowed, attacking Huang Xiaolong with both palms.

The dark yellow energy whirled like it could swallow heaven and earth, a larger than life lion head flickered in and out in the surging yellow energy whirlpool.

The roar of a lion king shook the air miles away.

Numerous minuscule space cracks spread out.

Some distance away, the Tiger Tribe Patriarch Chuck and the Saint realm experts jumped to their feet, wanting to rush to Huang Xiaolong’s aid, but an indifferent voice sounded in their ears: “No need!”

Before many astounded faces, a light flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s hand and a beast head rod appeared in everyone’s sight.

The eyes of the beast head were a bright crimson.

Imbued with Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi, countless beast images flew out from the rod.

In an instant, an overwhelming pressure descended on the beastmen in the square, repressing their souls and will.

Every beastman in the square was terrified, trembling where they stood.

The fanatic Lion Tribe Patriarch Andrew that was on the verge of hammering the human into meat paste suddenly froze.

The fear on his face mirrored the other beastmen as he stared fearfully at the many beast images in the air like he was witnessing the world’s most terrifying object.

The sudden turn of situation baffled Li Molin and the Deities Templar’s experts; ‘What is happening here!’

Up until this point, they had yet to figure out the meaning of that beast headed rod in that human’s hand.

Ignoring everything else, Huang Xiaolong slowly walked towards Andrew, step by step.

From the Deities Templar experts’ perspective, Andrew suddenly knelt down before Huang Xiaolong with an expression of absolute terror.

Stopping in front of Andrew, Huang Xiaolong channeled more battle qi into the rod and the other end poked hard at Andrew’s torso.

A resounding blast rang in the square, followed by Andrew’s miserable scream as he flew out without any resistance.

Blood of golden red color splattered on the square from the air, conspicuous under the radiant rays of sunlight.

Andrew struggled to get up, but Huang Xiaolong was in front of him, the rod struck another time, just like how the Tiger Tribe Castellan Manor’s steward Ellington was punished before.

Andrew, the beastmen tribes’ number one expert, knelt on his knees again and again as he was struck repeatedly by a human.

By the third strike, Li Molin finally regained her reason, realizing that there was something very wrong with Andrew’s behavior.

She and the many Deities Templar’s experts rose to their feet.

“Could it be…!” Li Molin’s focused on the beast headed rod in the brat’s hand, a sharp excitement flickered in her eyes.

“Beast, Beast God Scepter!” The Snake Tribe Patriarch Danny stammered in a quivering voice.

Although his voice wasn’t loud, it was loud enough in the silent square, even the Deities Templar experts caught every word.

Beast God Scepter!

Although Li Molin guessed as much, she still shook a little hearing an affirmation to it! Liu Yang and the rest of the Deities Templar experts were also stunned by the revelation.

The Beast God Scepter!

The Beast God Scepter that disappeared for more than ten thousand years had resurfaced once more!


Huang Xiaolong ignored the reactions coming from the Deities Templar’s side as he stood in front of Andrew with a stoic expression, staring at him.

“Liege, Liege Lord Beast God, have mercy!” Andrew’s intermittent voice sounded, barely breathing and filled with inexplicable terror as he struggled to his knees, pleading Huang Xiaolong, “Andrew has always been loyal and devoted to the beastmen tribes, my innocence can be witnessed by all! I have unknowingly offended Liege Lord earlier, please spare this small one, this small one is willing to lead the Lion Tribe to serve under the Liege Lord Beast God!”

“Loyal and devoted” Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Conspiring with the Deities Templar, not only has the Lion Tribe surrendered to Deities Templar, you even wanted the entire beastmen tribes to be Deities Templar’s servants, you deserve to be beheaded for this!” The Beast God Scepter was lifted up without hesitation, thrusting down.

However, this time it wasn’t the torso but between the brows.

The Beast God Scepter shone with a menacing crimson glow, exuding a death aura.

The tip of Beast God Scepter enlarged in Andrew’s pupils, despair filled his eyes, yet he dared not show the slightest resistance, unwillingness, or hate.

Watching the Beast God Scepter about to end Andrew’s life, Li Molin shot Liu Yang beside her a look.

Complying with her wishes, Liu Yang flew out, sneaking an attack on Huang Xiaolong from the back.

However, at the same time Liu Yang leaped out, another person also acted, aiming a palm strike at Liu Yang, dispersing Liu Yang’s attack on Huang Xiaolong.

In this split second window, the Beast God Scepter in Huang Xiaolong’s hand met its target.

Ka-cha! The sound of shattered bones rang.

Andrew’s body was seen flying out, a big bloody hole in the middle of his brows, red and white pieces of flesh littered on the square.

Lying in a pool of his own blood, Andrew’s body twitched, still alive.

On the other side, Liu Yang was taken aback by the sudden attack and glared at the attacker, the Tiger Tribe Patriarch, Chuck.

“Protect the Liege Lord Beast God!” Chuck commanded.

The large group of Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts shot out, glowering at the group of Deities Templar experts as they stood behind Huang Xiaolong.

Subsequently, experts from the Beamon Tribe, Violent Horse Tribe, Ram Tribe, Hundred Bird Tribe gathered behind Huang Xiaolong after the Tiger Tribe.

Moments later, the Wolf Tribe, Snake Tribe, and Fox Tribe also hurried to show their support behind Huang Xiaolong.

Witnessing their momentum, the smaller beastmen tribes hastened to secure a place.

Including the remaining experts from the Lion Tribe.

More than a thousand beastmen experts locked onto Deities Templar’s group with an air of hostility.

The intense pressure made Li Molin, Liu Yang, and all Deities Templar’s experts’ nerves stretch tautly.

Li Molin never imagined that a mere Beast God Scepter would have such a deterring power over the beastmen tribes, even the Lion Tribe experts viewed them as enemies to be swallowed alive.

She didn’t doubt one bit that if the human kid commanded it, those beastmen experts gathered would tear each and every one of them alive.

After momentarily losing her composure, Li Molin flashed a brilliant smile in Huang Xiaolong’s direction “I didn’t expect this warrior to possess the Beast God Scepter, us Deities Templar congratulate this warrior!”

Huang Xiaolong remained stoic.

He wanted to see what this Li Molin was playing at.

“Just now, we were merely curious about the Beast God Scepter in this warrior’s hand, we only wanted to have a look and had no other intention.” Li Molin continued with a smiling face, “I hope this warrior does not mind it.” She was referring to the matter of Liu Yang attacking him from the back.


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