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Chapter 49: Ought to be beheaded!


"You!” Xing Meiqi was so angry that she didn’t know how to retort.

According to the Academy’s regulations, only the Vice Principal and above had the right to revoke special admission students like Huang Xiaolong. 

She had uttered the words in anger, forgetting this one detail.

Zhong Yuan, however, snorted and disputed Huang Xiaolong's words, “Although we don’t have the authority to rescind your qualification, we have the right to propose and insist on your disqualification.

Moreover, you caused trouble in the Academy, and us teachers have the right to detain and hand you over to the Disciplinary Hall.” 

After Zhong Yuan had said his piece, a bright light shone from his as Zhong Yuan released his martial spirits. 

And his martial spirits was a mountain! 

A triangular black mountain that has three eyes.

“The Three-Eyed Black Mountain!” 

Like Fei Hou’s Silver River martial spirit, the Three-Eyed Black Mountain is also martial spirits base on nature – Fei Hou’s Silver River were a variation of a natural river, and the Three-Eyed Black Mountain born of a variational mountain. 

Zhong Yuan immediately soul transformed after releasing his martial spirits, his body became covered with a layer of black armor and he struck out at Huang Xiaolong. 

Although Zhong Yuan said he wanted to detain Huang Xiaolong, yet his strike was powerful enough to kill Huang Xiaolong and more likely than not, Huang Xiaolong would have been crippled even if he escaped death. 

Facing this, Huang Xiaolong became even colder, and the words slowly came out: “Kill...him!”


“Yes, Young Master!” Fei Hou had been waiting for this instruction from Huang Xiaolong, acknowledged loudly.

He released his Silver River martial spirits and soul transformed, punching out meeting the opponent straight on. 

The two guards from the Marshal’s Mansion fought against Xiong Meiqi and the other two teachers. 


Plangent blasts resounded as Zhong Yuan and Fei Hou’s attack collided, and Zhong Yuan was seen staggering backward; the black armor protecting him dimmed considerably. 

“You, peak late-Tenth Order!” Zhong Yuan was flabbergasted looking at Fei Hou.

Earlier, what Fei Hou revealed was early Tenth Order warrior’s atmosphere which led Zhong Yuan to think Fei Hou was just some general Tenth Order.

Never would he imagined Fei Hou to be a peak late-Tenth Order! A warrior with Silver River martial spirits peak late-Tenth Warrior! 

In the Cosmic Star Academy, there were a few Tenth Order warriors but a peak late Tenth Order was scarce.

And since he was a third-year teacher, he was only a mid-Tenth Order. 

Fei Hou disregarded Zhong Yuan’s shocked expression; after he fended off Zhong Yuan with the first punch, Fei Hou reappeared in front of him in a blink of an eye, and struck again: “Heart Shattering Fist!”

A big fist-print pierced through across the distance, the space cracking from the force. 

Face full of fear, Zhong Yuan gritted his teeth, and ruthlessness gleamed in his eyes: the vertical slit in his forehead suddenly split opened revealing a black protruding eye.

This was Zong Yuan’s martial spirit’s innate ability.

“Divine Soul Eye!” 

A dark black light burst out from the third eye on Zong Yuan’s forehead and the black light amassed into a large black-colored eyeball that exuded a strong eerie atmosphere, causing everyone to shiver involuntarily. 

The black eye formed from the black light collided with Fei Hou’s fist.


In the collision, black eyeball continuously emitted plosion of sounds that exploded in the air.

The strong wave of impact shook and repelled Zhong Yuan. 

Fei Hou too staggered back.

His brain was buzzing with a sound that wouldn't disappear and everything vanished from his sight leaving only a huge black eyeball staring at him.

While Zhong Yuan staggered, his attention was on Fei Hou and when he noticed Fei Hou’s lost and confused eyes, a cold sneer appeared on his face; this was where his martial spirits ability had an advantage, it had the ability to quietly affect the enemy’s body causing their eyes to see illusions. 

A cruel glint flashed across Zhong Yuan’s eyes: without wasting any time, Zhong Yuan flew at Fei Hou preparing for the next assault, a finger aimed at Fei Hou’s temple. 

“Piercing Finger Style!”             

 Battle qi swirled fiercely around Zhong Yuan’s finger, creating a vortex of finger-print as it inched closer to Fei Hou’s temple.

Suddenly, the lost and confused Fei Hou turned sharp and focused.

A sharp light flickered in Fei Hou's eyes.

The Silver River martial spirits wound around Fei Hou and with every rotation, the Silver River expanded a fold.

“Divine Soul Eye” 

“Now, it’s my turn to let you see my martial spirit’s ability!”   

 Fei Hou had a condescending sneer on his face as the Silver River swiftly enhanced five-times strength splintering Zhong Yuan’s incoming attack.

Zhong Yuan screamed, and his body was hurled off more than ten meters away, crashing down onto the square.

The students who crowded to watch had already fled far away in all four directions seeing Zhong Yuan defeated by Fei Hou before their eyes.

All of them were petrified on the spot and silence filled the huge square. 


Li Cheng and Li Lu’s heart trembled witnessing this scene. 

Li Cheng was shocked because of the recommendation letter in Huang Xiaolong hand; needless to say, this recommendation letter couldn’t be from Huang Clan Manor’s Old Patriarch.

Not to mention Old Manor Lord, even the Canglan County’s most powerful person couldn’t get a recommendation letter for Cosmic Star Academy. 

Li Cheng was taken aback by Fei Hou’s strength, but more than that was Huang Xiaolong actually ordered Fei Hou to injure a Cosmic Star Academy’s teacher! 

Ah! This is the Cosmic Star Academy!

What is Huang Xiaolong’s backup 

Furthermore, since when did Huang Xiaolong have another two Ninth Order warriors!

This was because the two guards wore commoners clothes instead of their usual uniforms.

Thus, no one knew the two came from the Marshal’s Mansion. 

Nearby, Xiong Meiqi who was fighting against the two guards saw Zhong Yuan’s miserable ending, was stunned. 

More than ten meters away, Zhong Yuan trembled as he crawled up, eyes widened with fear staring at Fei Hou: “Martial Spirit Strengthening!” 

Strengthening martial spirits were amongst the strongest of innate abilities, and Zhong Yuan didn’t expect Fei Hou’s martial spirits to possess this particular skill. 


And at this point, from a distance away, a dozen or so figures rushed over, with the whistling behind them as their auras burst out, overwhelming those on the square. 

Huang Xiaolong turned around and saw a dozen figures flying over and his vision narrowed.

Cosmic Star Academy’s expert finally arrived! Huang Xiaolong’s attention fell on the foremost most person where the strongest aura originated from - an old fellow in his sixties. 

This old fellow’s aura was slightly stronger than Fei Hou’s but way weaker than Haotian; he should be a borderline peak late-Tenth Order warrior waiting to breakthrough to Xiantian. 

“Vice Principal!” Seeing the person who arrived, Zhong Yuan cried out in elation. 

But it can’t compare to the delight Xiong Meiqi felt as she called out: “Dad!” 


The Vice Principal was actually that female bear’s father 

Huang Xiaolong was a little jolted, and Fei Hou was also a little surprised by this event.

By this time, everyone had stopped fighting; the two guards retreated beside Huang Xiaolong.

Xiong Chu and Cosmic Star Academy’s experts arrived, took a look around and saw the heavily injured Zhong Yuan; frowning, he asked, “What is happening” 

Zhong Yuan had yet to open his mouth when Xiong Meiqi rushed forward and said, “Dad, this waste with recommendation letter brought his guards over to our Academy to make trouble! A useless waste like this, you absolutely must revoke his qualifications!” 

“Oh,” Xiong Chu couldn’t help but take another look at Huang Xiaolong.

The Cosmic Star Academy had been there for more than one hundred years-- this was the first time someone dared to create trouble here in the Academy. 

“Vice Principal, merely revoking his registration qualification is letting them off too lightly.” Zhong Yuan interrupted at this point, looking at Fei Hou full of loathing.

“This person injured Academy’s teachers so he ought to be beheaded.

Otherwise, anybody can come and create trouble at the Academy!”


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