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Chapter 561: You Said Your Junior- Apprentice Brother Took First Place


Disciples that raged satirical remarks at Huang Xiaolong for his vain arrogance now felt like a large piece of stinky tofu was stuck in their throats.

All their rage and unhappiness transformed into fear, astonishment, and shock.

Some disciples with lower strength who stood close to the arena stage, the same ones who made the most noise and derisive remarks were now shaking uncontrollably.

If Wang Biaoyuan was a peerless genius for his breakthrough to late-Second Order from First Order God Realm within three years, then what was Huang Xiaolong, who broke through to Second Order God Realm from half-step God Realm!

Compared to Huang Xiaolong, Wang Biaoyuan’s ‘genius’ was worse than dregs.

Complicated feelings rose in the hearts of disciples that were cheering excitedly for Wang Biaoyuan earlier.

In three years ah, from half-step God Realm to Second Order God Realm! Without drastic exaggeration, this had surpassed all great predecessors and there would be no other successors to this feat.

No one present in the arena had ever heard of any genius of Black Tortoise Galaxy breaking through from half-step God Realm to Second Order God Realm in a mere three years’ time.

This speed was enough to scare others out of their minds.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong didn't seem like an average Second Order God Realm, being able to defeat the higher realm Wang Biaoyuan, who also possessed the fabled Indestructible Vajra Physique, with one strike.

One could only imagine the terrifying extent that Huang Xiaolong’s strength had reached!

A light tap from his feet cracked the Hidden Dragon Arena stage, clear proof that Huang Xiaolong’s strength was at least on par with a Third Order God Realm master! Who could say for sure whether it was early Third Order, mid-Third Order, or late Third Order God Realm!

Eventually, the attention once again returned to the unconscious figure sprawled on the ground like a dead dog.

Suddenly, the thought of Wang Biaoyuan telling Huang Xiaolong to kneel and beg for mercy felt so ironic.

So naive, so presumptuous!

Wang Biaoyuan was nothing more than a jumping clown before Huang Xiaolong.

For Huang Xiaolong, Wang Biaoyuan was no different from Xie Ning and Luo Kai.

“Anyone else wants to challenge” Huang Xiaolong stood on the stage with his hands behind his back, his eyes sweeping over the remaining eight top ten disciples, finally stopping on Gudu Leng.

Following the direction of his gaze, all eyes whooshed onto Gudu Leng.

Gudu Leng’s face twitched, he neither moved nor spoke a word.

Before the assessment began, he had assumed that by breaking through to Second Order God Realm and having practiced the Solitary God’s Infinitude technique to the hundredth layer, defeating Huang Xiaolong was merely the matter of a casual wave of his hand.

In fact, he thought that one finger was more than sufficient to flatten Huang Xiaolong to the ground.

Similar to Wang Biaoyuan, Gudu Leng had naturally taken it for granted that he himself was the ultimate first place champion, whereas Huang Xiaolong wasn’t qualified to compete with them.

But now…!

To challenge or not That was the question.

Even a late Second Order God Realm Wang Biaoyuan was barely breathing after taking a hit from Huang Xiaolong.

If he went up, what could he do In all honesty to himself, he wasn’t that much stronger than Wang Biaoyuan.

If he challenged Huang Xiaolong, he most probably wouldn't end up much better than the current Wang Biaoyuan, being defeated in only one move!

Gudu Leng’s expression grew sullen as these thoughts sped through his mind.

In the end, he took a deep breath and remained where he stood.

Watching Gudu Leng’s expression, it was clear to the crowd that he had given up on the challenge.

Some gasped, some shook their heads, and others broke into a noisy commotion.

The disciples who supported Gudu Leng were greatly disappointed.

They had imagined the scene where Gudu Leng defeated Huang Xiaolong, displaying overwhelming strength, but a miracle did not occur.

Gudu Leng didn’t even have the guts to challenge!

Gudu Leng did not challenge, needless to say, Jiang Shaoze and the rest were even less inclined to challenge.

In the end, without any suspense, Huang Xiaolong was declared this term’s outer disciple assessment’s champion.

In the Institute Principal’s manor, Principal Feng Yang was lounging in the main hall, savoring tea.

“I wonder how that kid did.

Third, or fourth” His soft voice sounded in the hall, muttering to himself.

Others might not have known Wang Biaoyuan’s true strength, but he did.

Late Second Order God Realm!

He held high hopes for Huang Xiaolong, understanding what a freak of a genius his fourth disciple was, however, as high as his hopes were, and as talented as his disciple might be, he wasn’t naive enough to believe that Huang Xiaolong was a late-Second Order Wang Biaoyuan’s opponent.

As for Gudu Leng, with his Second Order God Realm strength and him reaching the hundredth layer of the Solitary God’s Infinitude, his strength wasn't any weaker than Wang Biaoyuan’s.

Hence, the reason why he told Huang Xiaolong that striving for top three was good enough. 

At this point, he saw his eldest disciple Liu Yun enter the main hall in great haste.

His eldest disciple, Liu Yun, had always been calm and steady, never had this disciple shown such a side in front of him, stoking Insitute Principal Feng Yang’s curiosity.

“What is it All hurried and flustered.” Feng Yang spoke.

“Master,” Liu Yun saw his Master just as he walked into the main hall, quickly greeted Feng Yang.

However, he had yet to figure out how to inform his Master the details of this time’s outer disciple assessment.

Just moments ago, when he heard the result, he was stunned on the spot before he thought of informing his Master and hurried over.

Feng Yang frowned slightly at Liu Yun’s silence, “The result is out”

“Yes, Master, the top ten ranking result is out.” Liu Yun respectfully answered.

Feng Yang shot a glance in Liu Yun’s direction, his voice a little somber, “What did your Junior Apprentice-brother get Fourth place or fifth place”

Liu Yun’s expression immediately became a little strange, bracing himself with a deep breath, trying his best to speak in the calmest tone he could muster, “Replying to Master, Junior-Apprentice brother took first place!”

Feng Yang nodded sagely, yet to fully register the words.

“What! First place You said your Junior-Apprentice brother took first place” Moments later, Feng Yang finally reacted.

His hand halted in midair, holding the teacup as his head jerked up with a disbelieving expression looking at Liu Yun. 

Liu Yun nodded seriously, excitement shining in his eyes, “That is so, Master.

Fourth Junior-Apprentice brother came out on top, moreover, he defeated Wang Biaoyuan with just one move!”

Defeated Wang Biaoyuan with just one move! Late-Second Order Wang Biaoyuan!

The cup in Feng Yang’s hands slipped, falling to the floor with a loud thud, but it was totally ignored by Feng Yang and Liu Yun.

Feng Yang’s eyes widened as his brain buzzed.

“Fourth Junior-Apprentice brother not only broke through to God Realm, he even advanced to Second Order God Realm.” Liu Yun continued while quivering with excitement, “The power of Fourth Junior-Apprentice brother’s one strike could crack the Hidden Dragon Arena stage, comparable to a Third Order God Realm!”

Cracked the Hidden Dragon Arena stage with one strike!

The buzzing in Feng Yang’s brain grew more intense.

“After Fourth Junior-Apprentice brother defeated Wang Biaoyuan with one strike, it terrified Gudu Leng so much that he dared not challenge.” Liu Yun continued excitedly.

What was said after that didn’t enter Feng Yang’s ears.

To him, the world had suddenly gone quiet.

Moments later, all of a sudden, Feng Yang exploded in thunderous laughter, unbridled, to the point of forgetting oneself.

At this moment, Feng Yang felt he was so fortunate to receive such a peerless genius as his disciple.

Only at this very moment did he realize, this fourth disciple’s talent far, far exceeded what he had assumed.

It was far more horrifying.

This fourth disciple had given him a surprise, a great big surprise!

Half a day later, the outer disciples top one hundred rankings were announced.

Huang Xiaolong defeating Wang Biaoyuan in one move, terrifying Gudu Leng to the point of not daring to challenge spread like a wild tempest, blowing to every corner of the Black Tortoise Galaxy.


Ancestor level characters, and patriarchs of super forces, first rank powers were all shocked!

Three years from half-step God Realm to Second Order God Realm! Moreover, with strength comparable to a Third Order God Realm! This had gone beyond the scope of imagination of most people.

After Huang Xiaolong received the first place rewards and returned to the manor, Feng Yang had stared at him for what seemed like half a day.

Causing goosebumps to crawl out on Huang Xiaolong’s skin before he managed to find an excuse, allowing him to make a run for it.


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