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Similar to the previous incident, those present in the shops hall were equally astounded.

A beat later, the sounds of swallowing that came from several family disciples could be heard loud as rumbling thunder.

The shop assistant that was serving Huang Xiaolong looked around and saw quite a few people with saliva flowing out from their mouths without realizing it.

Whereas the young man that had mocked Huang Xiaolong earlier was staring at the enormous hill of glittering Xuanwu coins with bright eyes.

He unwittingly walked toward the great pile of Xuanwu coins and picked one up, “This… is not an illusion!”

Not an illusion!

More than a few family disciples who suspected it was an illusion immediately expunged the thought from their minds.

Gradually, more and more people regained their wits, but they continued staring at Huang Xiaolong and the mount of Xuanwu coins with disbelief.

What kind of monstrous existence was this black-haired young man! This was the first thought that flashed in everyones minds.

Watching from the side, Xie Puti felt it funny seeing Huang Xiaolong easily render everyone around wide agape with astonishment simply by throwing out a pile of Xuanwu coins.

Then again, admittedly, if he had an endless amount of Xuanwu coins like Huang Xiaolong did, he too would drown these people in Xuanwu coins until they shut the f*ck up. 

‘This must feel immensely pleasurable. Xie Puti secretly thought.

The Boundlessly Auspicious shop supervisor, Wan Baoding, finally came to his senses, his feet brought him before Huang Xiaolong in a few brisk steps.

Flashing his most flattering smile as his waist bent low in the most respectful demeanor, he asked how he could be of service to Huang Xiaolong and what kind of alchemy ingredients he was looking for.

The Boundlessly Auspicious was one of the Black Tortoise Galaxys largest alchemy materials shop, and as its supervisor, Wan Baoding himself held quite a high status.

In front of one to ten billion, it would be difficult to make him show a flattering smile.

However, facing more than a hundred billion, not only Wan Baoding, even the Jiang Familys Patriarch Jiang Wuhuang wouldnt hesitate to bend his waist way down low.

“Bring out all the elixirs and herbs with ages between ten thousand years to a hundred thousand years, Im buying them all.” Hearing the Boundlessly Auspicious supervisor inquiring what he was looking to buy, Huang Xiaolong repeated what he said to the shop assistant earlier.

Supervisor Wan Baoding wasnt aware of Huang Xiaolongs prior request, thus when he heard what Huang Xiaolong wanted, his knees nearly buckled from shock.

Ten thousand to a hundred thousand years old elixirs! All of them!

However, this time around, no one dared to mock Huang Xiaolong.

As strength returned to his legs, supervisor Wan Baoding swiftly ordered his subordinates to take out all ten thousand years to a hundred thousand years herbs inside the shop.

At the side, Zhuo Buzhis face was looking extremely ugly, his eyes gleaming with hate, apprehension, and also feverish greed.

At this moment, two oblivious women walked into the Boundlessly Auspicious shop, one of them calling out at Zhuo Buzhi, “Buzhi, have you bought the alchemy ingredients” 

Instantly, everyone in the hall turned to look at the source of the voice, including Huang Xiaolong.

When he saw who they were, he felt a strong impulse to laugh.

These two women were none other than Zhuo Wenting and Zhuo Wenshan.

Seeing Zhuo Wenshan again, complex emotions floated to Xie Putis face, but he composed himself fairly quickly.

The one who spoke was Zhuo Wenting.

Only after the words left her mouth did she find the atmosphere in the hall a little strange.

When she and Zhuo Wenshan saw Huang Xiaolongs figure in the hall, both womens faces became ashen and their eyes widened in fear as if they ran into the most horrifying devil.

Zhuo Wenting and Zhuo Wenshans reactions roused the curiosity of the people around.

Was this docile looking black-haired young man so terrifying

“Sister, you recognize this punk” Zhuo Buzhi too was curious, thus asking the question out loud.

When Zhuo Wenting heard that Zhuo Buzhi actually dared to call Huang Xiaolongpunk, and on top of that, holding was a trace of malice in his voice, her already pale face became bloodlessly white.

She hastily grabbed Zhuo Buzhi by the arm, heading toward the exit in panic, “Lets leave, now!”

Zhuo Wenshan also grabbed Zhuo Buzhis other hand, her face dreadfully pale, not daring to stay even a second longer in the hall.

The three people disappeared from view in seconds.

“Sister, what are you afraid of Whos that punk” Zhuo Buzhis unresigned voice sounded from the entrance loud and clear.

Watching the three leaving in a panic, the others remaining in the shop viewed Huang Xiaolong differently.

Most of them recognized the two Zhuo Family women, yet this black-haired young man in front of them actually caused the two of them to run in fear!

Unconsciously, many family disciples retreated several steps away from him, creating a safe distance between themselves and Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti were nonchalant, waiting for the Boundlessly Auspicious to bring out all their ten thousand years to a hundred thousand years old elixirs.

Motivated by the tens of billions of Xuanwu coins, the Boundlessly Auspicious shops employees showed high efficiency.

It didnt take them long to take out the entire shops stock of ten thousand years to a hundred thousand years old elixirs.

In the end, Supervisor Wan Baoding personally categorized and tallied the bill for Huang Xiaolong, ringing up to more than a hundred and thirty-two billion.

Discounting the odd numbers at the back, the bill was rounded to a hundred and thirty-two billion Xuanwu coins.

Without a word, Huang Xiaolong casually waved one hundred and thirty-two billion Xuanwu coins from the large pile to Wan Baoding. 

In fact, the enormous amount of Xuanwu coins that Huang Xiaolong took out amounted to three hundred and forty billion Xuanwu coins, the very same Xuanwu coins that Huang Xiaolong won from the Jiang, Gudu, and Wang Families gambling house in the past.

After spending a hundred and thirty-two billion, Huang Xiaolong kept the remaining Xuanwu coins into his Hailstone Treasure vault and left the Boundlessly Auspicious shop with Xie Puti, going onto the next shop.

Before coming out today, Huang Xiaolong had planned to spend all of the three hundred and forty billion down to the last coin before returning to the Golden Dragon Peak.

When Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti turned to leave, they were personally escorted by Wan Baoding and all the shop assistants, showing their most respectful front.

“You really dont plan to look for another one” Huang Xiaolong asked casually as he and Xie Puti strolled down the street.

Xie Puti shook his head, “For now, I only want to focus on my cultivation.”

Huang Xiaolong did not speak of the matter further.

In matters of the heart, there was very little he could do to help Xie Puti.

 At the same time, after successfully dragging Zhuo Buzhi out from the shop, the three siblings were seated in a pavilion within the Zhuo Family Manor.

The two women still had an apprehensive expression on their faces.

“Big Sister, Second Sister, who exactly was that punk Why are both of you so afraid of him” Zhuo Buzhi asked curiously.

In truth, he felt that his sisters\' reactions were too exaggerated.

“He, hes the young man who wounded Li Zishuai!” Zhuo Wenting was trying her best to maintain a calm disposition, yet she still couldnt prevent the slight tremble in her voice.

“What Him!” Zhuo Buzhis face paled considerably, sucking in a large dose of cold air.

A little over a decade ago, although word of the incident where Li Zishuai was beaten by someone to the point that every bone in his body was shattered and hisbirdie below was burst did not spread out, as Zhuo Wenting and Zhuo Wenshans younger brother, he was aware of this matter.

 Because of this matter, the Li Family subsequently rescinded the marriage agreement with their Zhuo Family.

Strangely, toward the young man who pummeled Li Zishuai so hard, the Li Family actually opted to remain silent.

Moreover, through some grapevine rumors, it was the Li Familys Ancestor who gave the order, no one was allowed to pursue this matter further!

Despite not knowing that young mans identity, Zhuo Buzhi was still very clear that he was a terrifying existence that he could not afford to provoke.

Recalling how he had ridiculed Huang Xiaolong in public in the Boundlessly Auspicious shops hall, Zhuo Buzhi felt a cold shiver running down his back, as if the sky was about to fall on him.


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